Who We Are

Megan Evans, Founder

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Megan Evans (the M.E. in AS SEEN ON M.E.!)

A photo of me with my dog Fez.

By day (and a lot of nights and weekends), I work in politics - a journey that began with Obama ‘08. Said journey has taken me all over the country, from rural Indiana to Miami, but ultimately, I came back to my roots in DM, IA. The jobs, the people and places were all different over time, but a few things never changed:

  • I wanted to help make a difference.
  • I wanted to help people learn how they could make a difference.
  • I hit up every Goodwill, consignment and thrift store along the way.

With the above ^ all still being true, I decided it was time to bring two passions together...scene AS SEEN ON M.E.

The Goal

To show people that you don’t need to purchase new every time you need something and that we can make such a positive impact if we start thinking about sustainable, impactful shopping options - and this all gets political, get ready.

So join me and a couple of my best babes who help put real faces + looks to this idea and movement *friends, family, and my little fur baby Fez all make appearances, too!

We hope you’ll come find us at a pop-up, shop some of the looks here or just get a little bit of inspo for your next SUSTAINABLE killer look.


Meet Team ASOME

Lacy June Brunnette

Photo of Lacy BrunnetteSign: Aries
What I do: Writer, Editor and Creative Content Producer
Where I'm from: Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota; Living the dream in Des Moines, Iowa.
My family is: A gorgeous bearded man, a spirited daughter, and two very senior, very magical cats.
Favorite second-hand find of all time: Two epic black jumpsuits from As Seen on M.E.
Favorite Charity/organization: Any organization that uplifts, advocates and fundraises for the well-being and advancement of women, children, LGBTQ+ community, science, and environmental health.
Closet I'd raid: Cate Blanchett
Best quote to live by: "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about." - Benjamin Franklin
Dinner party guests of my dreams: Graydon Carter, Grace Coddington, Steve Carrell, Kate McKinnon, Jennifer Garner, and Ina Garten (she would be in charge of the food, I would set the table).

Tatiana Giacinti aka Tat

Photo of Tatiana Giacinti

Sign: Sea goat - Capricorn
What I do: I work in marketing as a product manager for a global company based in Des Moines that creates and supply science-backed ingredients to benefit consumer products and improves the quality of life.
Where I'm from: Greater Paris, France
My family is: Away from me…but I got to go back to France to visit them once a year, which I can’t complaint about, and is coming to see me in May and next summer!
Favorite second-hand find of all time: A suede coat that had fur in it. Ideal to survive DSM. F* winter.
Favorite Charity/organization: Salvation Army
Closet I'd raid: LEANDRA MEDINE from The Man Repeller
Best quote to live by: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." – Oscar Wilde
Dinner party guests of my dreams: Alec Baldwin, Louis XIV, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Zooey Deschanel, Emily Weiss, & Cleopatra

Lindsay Elizabeth Berger

Lindsey Berger and her dog

Sign: Aquarius
What I do: I make creative visions come to life. I own JL Productions. My talents include conceptualizing, set design, production, styling and photo/art direction in a wide variety of genres. I am a mom. I am constantly evolving. I am a creative. I am a huge fan of Megan Evans.
Where I'm from: Urbandale, IA
My family is: Is filled with love. It’s me, my daughter Livia Lynn and our furry little Martini Olive. My mom is my best friend, my dad is my inspiration, and my siblings are the greatest reality show I am blessed to be part of.
Favorite second-hand find of all time: Everything Megan Evan puts on me.
Favorite Charity/organization: NPR
Closet I'd raid: Beyonce
Best quote to live by: "Lead with love."
Dinner party guests of my dreams: Wade Scherrer, Kathryn Gamble, Megan Evans, Lacy Brunnette, Joelle Blanchard, Tat and Esther Perel.

Joelle Blanchard

Photo of Joelle Blanchard

Sign: sun is in cancer (moon in Leo, rising in Libra )
What I do: photographer and sometimes a nanny
Where I’m from: San Mateo, California
My family is: BIG. I have five siblings and two parents and lots of cousins.
Favorite second-hand find of all time: probably just some of the dresses I have found... or this little vintage manicure set.
Favorite Charity/organization: Anything with animals
Closet I'd raid: maybe Kylie Jenner, but probably Rachel Zoe or Alexa Chung
Best quote to live by: "aut viam inveniam , aut faciam." I’ll either find a way or I’ll make one.
Dinner party guests of my dreams: Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Sherman, Terry Richardson, Abraham Lincoln, Jack Herer, and Andy Warhol... it’d be a weird event!