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🌎 Day with Fischer Studio ! ! !

Happy Earth Day! This month we've been talking about sustainability, so we're wrapping it up with a person that's a top go-to of mine for all things sustainable: Fischer Studio owner, Lori Lawler. If you don't know Lori, you should, because she's a bad babe + sustainability queen. Lori and I sat down to chat about her life, her studio, all things sustainable and do a little shopping - captured by one and only Lauren Donovan! Check it out here!  Making her way back to Iowa, after LA-ing it up as an apparel designer, Lori opened Fischer Studio in Mainframe Studios to bring a little LA back to Iowa. Fischer Studio houses brands and one-of-kind items that have to meet Lori’s...

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Cheap & Chic: The Recycle Edition

I think most of us (hopefully!) know all about traditional recycling - sort it, stack it, drop it, etc. Not the most glamorous thing, but we gotta do what we gotta do💪 So, we don’t need to go any further into that, and will instead focus on another type of recycling: shopping! We might not always think about shopping =ing recycling, but when done right, it totally does. How? Shop second-hand🎉Goodwill, Salvation Army, that thrift store in the middle of nowhere, your friend’s closet…#ASOME!, it all counts as second-hand which means you’re helping do your part to lessen your carbon footprint. And although I think we’ve made INCREDIBLE strides in removing the stigmas around shopping second-hand, there are still some...

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I'm on a low-carb(on) diet, I can't go to Taco Bell

It’s April 1st, so you know what that’s also Earth Day Month 🌎We’re going even harder on all things sustainable + climate-friendly, and we hope you’re ready for a low-carbon diet all month!   via GIPHY So why no TB (but actually they’re ok, check out all the vegan options they have here!)? Because “global climate change is arguably the most urgent environmental problem faced today,” and the animal products we’re consuming are a leading contributor to it. Now I know you’re probably asking what Taco Bell has to do fashion, but bear with me for just sec:) A major goal of ASOME is to challenge everyone (self-included) to make more sustainable choices -- for what we put on...

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