You can find me in the club

So far this month, we’ve celebrated:

National Women’s Health Week ✔

Mental Health Month ✔

And overall calm > chaos ✔✔

But we’ve got one more -- National Physical Fitness & Sports Month💪

I’ve been pretty active my whole life, sports from a young age and long-time YMCA member (+ board member!), so I’ve tried out a whole lot of exercise classes/fads/etc. But never had I ever been to a gym like Club B-FIT. They have aerial yoga, boot camp classes annnnnnnd pole fitness!

So when a friend started going there and telling me about it (and in January I was feeling every ounce of all the post-midterms feelings) I knew I had to try it. I wasn’t totally sure what I was walking into, and besides a few party bus/Miss Kitty’s pole tricks, I certainly hadn’t done much of this.



BUT, it was awesome, and for so many reasons:

1) Jen Bramble, owner and overall bad b, makes this a place you want to come. Her incredible energy and talent are only topped by her drive to build others up and support this community. She also has the absolute best crew of instructors 💯💯💯

2) Club B-FIT has helped me live out my failed dreams of becoming a back-up dancer (I’m not a ‘trained’ dancer, it was a long shot anyway:). So when I learned about the Student Showcase in April, I knew we had to do it, and enlisted said friend who told me about the club to be my partner. Naturally, we picked a Drake song, got God’s Plan shirts and then got to work on the choreo.

We invited our friends and family, I think my niece enjoyed it most of all, and danced the night away. You can check the Drizzy dance here and the other performances me and the girls did here!

3) Polin’ ain’t easy. I have a whole new level of respect for anyone who does this professionally or recreationally. The amount of strength and endurance and flexiblity it takes to do this is pretty unmatched by anything else I’ve done.


*And it can also be a little painful. #nofilter

4) This is one of the most diverse, inclusive and accepting places I’ve been to in Des Moines (Iowa and beyond for that matter). It’s all about women building up other women -- from all different backgrounds -- and we get a killer workout while we’re doing it 💃