Yelp's Galaxy Geekout Event is this week, so this Extra Report is a recap of some of our favorite Yelp events💫💫💫

Each year Yelp hosts an over the top event, and you know we love it. Last year was A Night At The Factory, Warhol-ed out, and ASOME got to...

Judge some amazing costumes:

Take all the photobooth pics:

And Patrick got so many donations for the food bank!!!

Next up is Will The Good! We partnered with Yelp and Goodwill of Des Moines to throw a party for a cause at the AC Hotel in downtown Des Moines:


And last but not least, Slay The Vote. Same drill as ^ except this time we had our local youth group registering people to vote, candidates in the house and more 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸than the Fourth of July, all so perfectly captured by our babe Joelle:


So come join us and the man behind the Yelp magic (Patrick, see below) for Galaxy Geekout THIS THURSDAY, and don't forget to dress the part because we'll be picking a winner!