Why YOU should #SecondHandSeptember

As we all know...it's Second-hand September!
Need some more inspo to join the party? No prob. We're re-upping a few of our favorite reasons to shop second-hand on #theextrareport this week:
Reason #1 = Environmental Impact 
Shopping second-hand means you can feel great about your purchases because you're helping the 🌎! We can quit filling landfills with fast fashion (as much as possible) and lessen our carbon footprint by buying some fab second-hand finds!
Reason #2 = Workers' Rights

Many times (especially when it comes to mass-produced items and apparel) workers' rights and labor laws are not well monitored. We have all seen and heard the horror stories of awful working conditions, and when we continue to buy new over and over again from these companies, we're giving them a free pass to allow this to go on. 

Reason #3 = YOU!
YOU will be able to rock an outfit that no one else is wearing (and if you are, tell me because the odds of winning the lottery like have got to be higher!) YOU can feel so good about the sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly purchase made and YOU are helping people. All the wins.

Moral of the story, we can help curb this with our wallets and buying power by spending more of our $$$$ on second-hand items!