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You're all invited: WILL THE GOOD 2

We are sooooo excited...Will The Good is back 🎉🎉🎉 If you missed Will The Good 1 last year, make sure it's on your calendar for this time around. As you all know, at ASOME, we're all about sustainable fashion, giving back and making sure we stay engaged in the political process to make sure we have leaders and policies in place that will work to protect the planet and the people. That's why we love Will The Good so much, and here's what to expect for WTG2: Shop ASOME ✔️ Shop Goodwill ✔️ Pole Fitness demos from Club B-Fit ✔️ Photobooth with Figment Art Photography ✔️ A DJ + free food + free drinks all in the gorg AC Hotel in the East...

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Yelp's Galaxy Geekout Event is this week, so this Extra Report is a recap of some of our favorite Yelp events💫💫💫 Each year Yelp hosts an over the top event, and you know we love it. Last year was A Night At The Factory, Warhol-ed out, and ASOME got to... Judge some amazing costumes: Take all the photobooth pics: And Patrick got so many donations for the food bank!!! Next up is Will The Good! We partnered with Yelp and Goodwill of Des Moines to throw a party for a cause at the AC Hotel in downtown Des Moines:    And last but not least, Slay The Vote. Same drill as ^ except this time we had our local youth group registering...

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