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Vacations on hold Pt. 1: Te Amo, Tulum

While we all take some time to turn inward, social distance, and also take a good hard look at who is being most greatly impacted by the pandemic (and start thinking what we need to do to change it!), I thought it would be the perfect time to flashback on a few trips -- since there won't be any happening, anytime soon. Without further adieu, I give you Tulum. The bachelorette party dreams are made of, for one of my besties, Kacey. We celebrated in green (for St. Patrick's Day), did a green/sustainable swim photoshoot, and lived the green life in our 'eco-chic' accommodations.            

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Mental Health Month (As Practiced by M.E.)

We’re keeping the calm > chaos theme going, and perfect timing because... May is Mental Health Month! We talked last week about yoga being a bad-ass workout, but also a workout with mental health benefits, and I know for me, that’s something I overlooked for way, way, way too long. So this week I’ve got a few other things to share that have helped me and my mental health! This is probably not new news to most of you, but here in the states, we think working non-stop, doing it all, go-go-go (ie the #hustleculture) is the only way to live + be successful. And I have absolutely played that game - partially because it’s the nature of working on...

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Namaste-ing into National Women's Health Week

Happy National Women's Health Week!!! “The week serves as a reminder for women to make their health a priority and build positive health habits for life. The 20th annual National Women's Health Week kicks off on Mother's Day, May 12, and is celebrated through May 18, 2019.”  As promised, we're re-focusing on lessening the chaos in our lives and re-upping all the healthy things we can do to help make that happen -- and one thing that's been a huge assist for me in that area has been YOGA! After being quite the yoga-hater for quite a while, I decided to give it go, and 7 years later, I’m still so down (dog). My initial hell-no to the flow was...

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