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🇺🇲 Fourth Fashion 🇺🇲

It's that time of year again! We celebrate our freedom and more red, white and blue than we ever even knew existed. So, Happy Fourth of July from the ASOME fam to yours, and make sure to get your perfect outfit in order for all the 4th-ing. We've got a few for you to peep here:  

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ART WEEK ' here!

It's official, Art Week Des Moines 2019 is in full swing 🎨🎉 ASOME kicked off the festivities with the latest installments of Creative Chaos & Limited Space over the weekend (thank you to everyone who came out!) and can't wait to keep all the art-ing going this week. Des Moines is filled with some incredible talent, like our own ASOME love, Tatiana, and another favorite of ours is Gustav -- headed by Ben Schuh and Scott Kaven. After a collab with them last year for dsm Magazine, we decided we had not had enough, and did an impromptu shoot at their installation at Mainframe Studios. Their work is 🔥🔥, here are a few of our faves shots from the shoot, and happy...

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Gucci, Versace, Neimans, Oh My!

Hopefully, you’re not totally sick of reading about/hearing about/seeing things on sustainability, because we’ve got some more for you! This month we’ve talked a lot about how we can all make more sustainable purchases, and a lot of that focused on buying things that have already been loved (ie buying second-hand). You know that is our favorite way to shop at ASOME, but the reality is, we don’t all, always, purchase second-hand. But another reality is that we want sustainable options when we do buy new, and the market is hearing that loud and clear, see ⬇ Fast Fashion ✔Zara: 90% of their stores are eco-friendly & have clothing donation sites; they use renewable resources to power their offices; their...

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