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You're all invited: WILL THE GOOD 2

We are sooooo excited...Will The Good is back 🎉🎉🎉 If you missed Will The Good 1 last year, make sure it's on your calendar for this time around. As you all know, at ASOME, we're all about sustainable fashion, giving back and making sure we stay engaged in the political process to make sure we have leaders and policies in place that will work to protect the planet and the people. That's why we love Will The Good so much, and here's what to expect for WTG2: Shop ASOME ✔️ Shop Goodwill ✔️ Pole Fitness demos from Club B-Fit ✔️ Photobooth with Figment Art Photography ✔️ A DJ + free food + free drinks all in the gorg AC Hotel in the East...

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Shopping: Second-Hand for the Win

You've probably gotten the gist by now, we're totally in favor of sustainable shopping options. Does it happen 100% of the time? No, it doesn't. We all fall into that trap, but we're working really hard @ ASOME to help give you inspo (+ things to shop!)  to make it a habit and goal -- especially when it comes to outfitting your gorg selves. Shopping second-hand is one of the best ways to check the sustainable clothing box, and Goodwill is one of our favorite places to do it. So this week we put together a quick reminder/motivation/you can do it list to keep in your back pocket if you're thinking of buying new instead: Reason #1 = Environmental Impact...

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