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re: September

A month, that usually (for me), is filled with all the feelings about already missing summer + already dreading an Iowa winter was quite the opposite this year. This September we: ♻️Saw Second Hand September have a moment (month!) like never before;  ♻️Watched 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg address the U.N.'s Climate Action Summit like a B O S S and start... ♻️The Climate Strike -- a worldwide day of action -- that was only the beginning of a true revolution✊  Now, we know shopping second-hand/sustainable options is not going to solve our climate crisis, but, it is a HUGE start. And we can all work to make second-hand/sustainable/slow fashion/vintage the fall trend that everyone has to have -- and your influence is your...

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It's still #SecondHandSeptember, so you know we're keeping the party going... with a can't-miss event this week 🥳 We're teaming up with Inner Circle Co.  (follow them stat if you're not) to throw a thrifting party and you're all invited! A few of our ASOME babes + other local thrift enthusiasts are bringing some of their treasures for you to shop: clothes, shoes, accessories, home and even vintage for the minis in your life, so mark your calendars now 🗓️ When: Wednesday, Septemeber 25th // 5p-8p Where: The Studio in Windsor Heights, 6571 University Ave, Windsor Heights, IA Shopping second-hand is one of the most fun ways to help save the 🌎and show your style - and we want to see your style! So let's kick...

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If you're like what the what is #SecondHandSeptember? Info here!: "Every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfills. Throwaway fashion is putting increasing pressure on our planet and its people - it’s unsustainable. Now there's something you can do to help. Join Second Hand September and pledge to say no to new clothes for 30 days" - founded by Oxfam. If you're like why is this in Septemeber? Got you!: September is usually associated with a little thing, you may have heard of it, Fashion Week... (Sep 5 - Sep 13: New York Fashion Week; Sep 13 - Sep 17: London Fashion Week; Sep 17 - Sep 23: Milan Fashion Week) It's also the changing of seasons which usually =...

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