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Yelp's Galaxy Geekout Event is this week, so this Extra Report is a recap of some of our favorite Yelp events💫💫💫 Each year Yelp hosts an over the top event, and you know we love it. Last year was A Night At The Factory, Warhol-ed out, and ASOME got to... Judge some amazing costumes: Take all the photobooth pics: And Patrick got so many donations for the food bank!!! Next up is Will The Good! We partnered with Yelp and Goodwill of Des Moines to throw a party for a cause at the AC Hotel in downtown Des Moines:    And last but not least, Slay The Vote. Same drill as ^ except this time we had our local youth group registering...

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Creative Chaos

Does your life feel chaotic sometimes? Hi, same 🙋! ! ! That’s why May’s Extra Report theme is all about calming the chaos. It’s National Physical Fitness & Sports Month, Mental Health Month and for us ladies, we have National Women’s Health Week in there, too -- so it seems like the perfect time to hit a little reset if we haven’t been living our best/calmest lives. BUT, not all chaos is bad, and that's why we’re kicking this month off with a chaos-themed event: Round 1 of Creative Chaos was awesome, so we’re very excited to pop up at this pop-up event again. Connect + shop with local fashion designers and curators, along with some other really amazing art and...

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