Happy *sustainable* Halloween 🎃

It's Halloween Week! We really love this holiday, but know it can get pretty scary out there trying to find the perfect costume... and one that won't make the planet scream😱

We put together few ASOME ideas + places to shop that won't scare the 💩out of the 🌎 for your final frightening Halloween fiestas!  

First stop, your closet! You'd be amazed how much is in there (or borrow from a friend!) that can help you create the perfect look. Example: grab some black, some glasses, a few friends and you've got yourself one helluva an eclipse 🌑

Or grab your fave shoulder-padded top, add 1 tiger and you've got this magic:


*And if you're like me, you probably have some headbands or masks laying around to throw on if you're in a pinch:


Not finding just what you need? No worries, me and the ASOME crew hit up Goodwill to find the missing pieces for our Exile Gang. Beyond the racks on racks on racks of clothes (see photos of all the non-Halloween items we got...) they also have pulled out all the costumes in one section plus some packaged items for the finishing touches.

*And more of the (mostly) not on the list  Goodwill shopping