#Thrifty50 is BACK

Happy Earth Week!

This feels like our Christmas, we have Earth Day this week and an even bigger opportunity to spread the message of sustainability and going green ♻️♻️♻️

We were planning a big 'ole event, but due to the pandemic crisis, are opting to wait until later for that. HOWEVER, we are super excited to celebrate this week with a few of our friends -- virtually -- until we can celebrate IRL!

To kick off the celebration, we're teaming up with Ciara & Kari from Inner Circle Co.,  Jamie from THE COLLECTIVE  and our favorite thrift enthusiast, Sarah E to re-launch the #Thrify50 pledge (*follow them STAT if you're not already)!!!! We also have some oh so fab collabs and events happening this week, too! 

If you took the #Thrifty50 pledge last year, you remember what it's all about:

Pledging to get dressed every day, with 50% of the items you have on, being SUSTAINABLE!!! (That means shoes, jewelry, bags, it all counts!)

BUT we're adding to it this year: Taking the #Thifty50 pledge means pledging that 50% of our purchases this week are second-hand or sustainably sourced.

Clothing/accessories are still on the list, and so is food, cleaning supplies, DIY projects around the home, you name + use it, let's try and make 50% of that a sustainable option!  You can choose used, choose organic, choose recyclable/recycled/reusable, and most importantly, let's try and REDUCE what we're consuming. 


We know these are very different times. The devastating impacts of COVID-19 are heartbreaking (we'll talk more about that later), but hope that we can take all of this devastation and turn it into an opportunity to start changing our minds, our bodies, and our actions.

As the great Marianne Williamson said, we have a 'lack of love towards people, lack of love towards animals and lack of love towards our planet.'  So let's change that. Today.

We are already seeing the incredible, positive shifts in our environment:

All of ^ and so much more should not have to come at the cost of lives. So let's all start planning what we can do now -- AND when things return to normal -- to help slow and reverse this climate crisis we have created. 

Can't wait to see you all at all of the *online* events this week and make sure to share your #Thrifty50 pledge! 

PS: Grab an old t-shirt and get to bag making! The Food Bank of Iowa is looking for donations of these bags (and they make a great reusable bag for you, too)! EASY how-to here!