Going green: AS SEEN ON YOU

2020 is here, and that means so are all the resolutions we're attempting to fulfill (I'm right there with you, more on resolutions another day:) but for now - IMO, the simpler we can make it all, the happier we'll be. And that goes big time for going green(er) - a resolution many of us made for the new decade 💚

I get asked a lot about how to make sustainability a part of everyday life, and this question often comes with a little fear and a nervous undertone - followed by the 'what if I can't do it all' mentality that so many people have.

My answer to that: F it and don't worry! Anything is something and a fabulous start.

Do I look at people who eat only organic plant-based food (and NEVER have a slice of cheese pizza), compost, recycle, ONLY purchase reusable/sustainable/ethical items and think to myself 'OMG I'm a slacker, I'm not pulling my weight in this fight to save the planet, should I just give it all up???!!!' Um, yes, I certainly have. BUT, guess what, that's the worst thing we can tell ourselves! I saw this post from Global WAKEcup and thought it summed up this 100% sustainable or nothing idea oh so perfectly well:



There's no right or wrong way to start making conscious choices and taking action when it comes to living a greener life. At ASOME, we love second-hand and sustainable shopping (obvi;) and that's a great place to start. Instead of that shirt from the mall, hit up Goodwill. Take out 1 meal, 1x a week, that's animal-based and pop in a local spot's jar of juice. Instead of buying 2 plastic bottles of H2O, buy a reusable water bottle and fill it 2x a week. I think you see where I'm going with this. 

Moral of the story, just start living your best green life, however and whatever that means to YOU. After all, a wise man once said: an object in motion stays in motion. So just get started and watch your sustainable magic grow, then all the ⬇️ !  !  !