Farewell, Fur

Spring is officially here, so let's kick this little blog off with a farewell to fur! And even though we *hopefully* won't need fur for a while, here's some inspo while you're out hitting the bargain bins - it's never too early start stockpiling for our next cold snap💁

Before we get into it though, a few things I’d like to mention:

  1. I’m vegan *about 90-92% of the time* (full-time vegetarian though!), and it all began because of animal rights and cruelty. In no way, shape or form do I support purchasing new fur and just want to get that out there.
  2. There are a lot of options when it comes to purchasing fur, and also conflicting opinions when it comes to what is most ethical and sustainable. I found a great article from Refinery 29 “Faux Fur: Good For Ethics, Bad For The Planet?” if you want to read more, but the gist of it is that faux can have really damaging environmental impacts. New fur is not ethical (for most). So that leaves vintage fur as the winner (real or faux), which I am so totally down with!

Here are a few of my favorite furs and hopefully some inspo for you to keep warm + dress it up or dress it down...in a sustainable way!

Black fur: ReStyle 


Gray + white (both): Poshmark

Vest: Bargain Basket - Junior League Des Moines 

Coat: a steal of a deal from my dear friend! 

Coat: one of the best garage sale finds of all time 😍