🌎 Day with Fischer Studio ! ! !

Happy Earth Day! This month we've been talking about sustainability, so we're wrapping it up with a person that's a top go-to of mine for all things sustainable: Fischer Studio owner, Lori Lawler.

If you don't know Lori, you should, because she's a bad babe + sustainability queen.

Lori and I sat down to chat about her life, her studio, all things sustainable and do a little shopping - captured by one and only Lauren Donovan!

Check it out here

Making her way back to Iowa, after LA-ing it up as an apparel designer, Lori opened Fischer Studio in Mainframe Studios to bring a little LA back to Iowa. Fischer Studio houses brands and one-of-kind items that have to meet Lori’s standard for sustainability. Start making your plan to go visit her, and get ready, because you’re going to want it all 💚

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