Cheap & Chic: The Recycle Edition

I think most of us (hopefully!) know all about traditional recycling - sort it, stack it, drop it, etc. Not the most glamorous thing, but we gotta do what we gotta do💪 So, we don’t need to go any further into that, and will instead focus on another type of recycling: shopping!

We might not always think about shopping =ing recycling, but when done right, it totally does. How? Shop second-hand🎉Goodwill, Salvation Army, that thrift store in the middle of nowhere, your friend’s closet…#ASOME!, it all counts as second-hand which means you’re helping do your part to lessen your carbon footprint. And although I think we’ve made INCREDIBLE strides in removing the stigmas around shopping second-hand, there are still some skeptics/haters out there, so the more we can shout it out/show it off the better -- and help remove the lingering ‘ewwwws’ and other not so nice and or true perceptions of what recycled, second-hand clothes look like.

For example, here are a few of my favorite girls, looking stunning as always, in their #ASOME second-hand looks:






 So now that we know we can look oh-so-chic in recycled clothing, and basically the whole planet is still Marie Kondo-ing their lives, I did want also talk about a few places around Des Moines and other organizations you might not know about to keep the recycle cycle going and responsibly drop the items you no longer need.

Kids/teen clothing: Iowa Homeless Youth Centers

Women’s clothing: Junior League Des Moines & Dress for Success

Clothing and shoes (all ages) as well as household linens (sheets, blankets, comforters, towels): Primary Health Care

Just about anything (check their list): St. Vincent De Paul

***AND check out Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers, she has the ultimate list of orgs that take just about every item you could think of - even ‘ratty ass old underwear’